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Pay Per Click Search Marketing

PPC is a class of e-marketing that calls for arranging and online promoting which will be displayed on search engine result pages. t see when you perform a search in a search engine.


  • How does it works
  • Setup an account
  • Do your keyword Research
  • Create your groups of ads, keywords, bid price
  • Go live
  • Let the campaign run its course
  • Chase and fine the tune on a weekly basis


  • What does it good

The chief conflict between search engine PPC and other class of offline and online promotions techniques is that PPC directs on audience that is prepare to purchase and actively looking  for your products.

  • Price Efficient
  • Quick
  • Flexibility
  • Tracking


  • ¬†When could I apply it?

Because of its greater flexibility and very abject price, PPC is an online marketing approach that every tourism business deal. If campaign is not successful or timely you can stop it or decline PPC campaign.